35mm negative. Ilfrord HP5+ shot on Canon 500N. Developed in Ilford DDXX. ©Aoife O’Brien

Basic curve shift of the negative. ©Aoife O’Brien


Being a self taught darkroom printer, (with thanks to David Lane and LCFE for the darkroom introduction) I was always looking online for tips and tricks and to learn different techniques. It got me wondering. I suggested to Brendan at The who put the call out to his analog community contacts and I rallied some troops from  the Limerick Analogue Group and we ended up with 7 darkroom printers taking part in this odd idea!

I picked a negative from my collection. Never had I more stress in choosing a negative. I wanted to make it good without needing too many darkroom ticks of the trade.

We were lucky that our timing coincided with a Limerick walk and and Analog Ireland walk so the first exhanges were done in person and from there the negative was sent via post. We had printers in Tipperary, Limerick, Galway, Sligo and Dublin.


Darkroom printers tend to be a solitary bunch

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