My passion lies in the art of analog photography, using traditional photography techniques to capture the interplay between nature, humans, and our surroundings.

Each moment frozen in time immortalizes the delicate dance between the natural world and human presence, portraying the beauty, fragility, and intricacy of this relationship. 

Through my photography, I strive to preserve memories and inspire viewers to reflect on our relationship with the environment around us.

Aoife O’Brien, 2024

“In photography there is a reality so subtle that it becomes more real than reality.”

Alfred Stieglitz


This ongoing series of analog images, taken on various 35mm cameras, is inspired by the poem “At the Grave of the Forgotten” by Effie Waller Smith.

My interest in history and genealogy has always led me to explore graveyards, a tradition that commenced in my childhood, accompanying my father every November to ‘visit the graves’.

I view cemeteries not as macabre places but rather as poignant reminders that every life matters and each had its own story to tell, and yes someone at one point loved each person that lies ‘neath this earth’.

“Passing stranger, pity not
Him who lies here, all forgot,
             ‘Neath this earth;
Some one loved him—more can fall
To no mortal. Love is all
             Life is worth.”


My large format pinhole photography captures the passage of time and the affect of nature’s ebb and flow on its surroundings. We humans are just passing through as they do their merry dance

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